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Katarina set up her own label in 2006, a high-end pret-a-porter womenswear collections merging into haute couture at times. The label reflects design statement aesthetics inspired by all the senses of its creator; psychological theories, human nature and behavior, philosophy, personal journeys, literature, history, art, performance... It’s an intriguing mix of pleasure and pain.....constant analysis of the unknown.

With great respect to the beauty of the female body, Katarina's manipulation of form in her own unique way, allows her to present new silhouettes - which highlights the sensuality of the female figure. The work incorporates contrasts of tailoring and volume to achieve desired new lines and silhouettes that include intriguingly cut coats and tailored jackets. Together with in-depth research and translation of conceptual 2D themes into 3D movement, the collections offer unique mix of timeless, intriguing wearable pieces beyond trends and seasons.


   Central Saint Martins graduate, Katarina has worked with some of the world's most famous fashion houses and designers including Alexander McQueen and Gucci. She has set up and been running her eponymous design label from Paris since 2006 and  works on cross-disciplinary projects, collaborating with artists, designers, photographers, neuroscientists and psychologists. She is a Subject Leader in Fashion Art, Senior Lecturer and recently has become first creator and leader of unique MA Collaborative unit in higher fashion education at London College of Fashion. Specialist in draping and fabrics, she has been regularly giving lectures, demonstrations and leading intensive Master courses in Draping as an Art From. Since March 2012, she has become the Creative Director and CEO of the CarteBlanche atelier d'art & design. The first unique gallery /concept store in Central Europe to introduce and combine beautiful and timeless design with integrity, produced with the best quality materials and high end production. Many times working with small ateliers across Europe and beyond, artisans and manufactures with heritage, experience and Haute Couture techniques, Katarina is connecting links and dots in fashion industry, always looking ahead, seeing potentials and setting up ambitious and challenging, exciting initiatives between fashion design, education and enterprise.



Katarina has worked across the fashion industry: extensive knowledge in fashion design and fabrics, development of fashion lines and brands // Creative direction for events, fashion shows and store concepts // Sourcing, buying, curation and retail concepts // Fashion design and fashion business concepts and developments in higher education. 


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