This Spring / Summer collection was inspired by series of articles and personal research on: how the brain controls emotions, fascination with IRM and fMRI images revealing these processes, emotions in the nervous system and the reasons for emotions. For the first time, Katarina has introduced a digital print element to her collection. She has been toying with the idea for some time but has been waiting for appropriate, meaningful and striking design what could reveal and hide at the same time the depth of the research. Images of brain activity when the emotion takes over/travels to the brain and a "spark" happens. Focusing onAmygdala, the part of the brain that is probably the most intuitive of all, it functions ahead of thought, and is responsible for your fight or flight mechanism ;the wild beast within.The prints, using altered images of brain scans, resemble also vast unknown universe; fascinating and unpredictable, and full activities that might affect us.                                                                                                    

Ultimately, this capsule collection is a journey through the process of being in control and ruled by a rational self into being effected by and losing control of emotions. Katarina is exploring gaining the control once again, not always in a natural way, to keep the reaction under covers, strapped down, sometimes from fearing to let go or letting go too much. But also disturbingly, the possibility that a brain could ‘shut down’ in order not to process the emotional and the rational takes over to restore “control”. 

Collection ranges all shades of navy, dark and rich royal and deep sky blue deliberately avoiding black for the first time clashing with vivid and rich colour of digital prints on beautiful luxury silks; silks, metallic cotton, light wools and ultra light suitings, rich linen by Masters of Linen. Smooth leather belts are keeping the volumous trousers and off draped skirts to stay in place, they function as the important fastenings and security ,softly structured harnesses are keepingone piece wildly draped dresses from” bursting out” pushing on the back of the neck and nervous system , dark silver full length double zippers running through the draped garments making them more structured and mirroring the rational and the prints in tops, dresses clashing with the rational and expressing the emotional expression... Using involuntary cognitive process to arrive to the final stages of design, the pieces have evolved into bold, modern, edgy but elegant full of subtle contrast.

Photographer: Jeff Hahn