This Spring / Summer collection is inspired by deep fascination of human fear - its powers and restrictions it puts on us all in daily life and in extraordinary situations. 1 year psychological study  of  a fear and its all forms; from stepping outside of one's comfort zone to the pathological fear of the unknown which stops us to evolve, progress, learn and let go.

Drawing on strong personal experiences, Katarina has translated the negative connotations of fear diving in, discovering and playing with new range of fabrics and colours to challenge herself. Experimenting with textures to create a "super hero" woman who is conquriering the heights of urban skyline literally and figuratively.

Photographer: Maria Mikulasova



Photographer: Olaf- Daniel Meyer


“As we adjust to different situations, behave differently

in various ways with various people, so the coat

becomes a reflection of our mode.”

“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it

tells you the less you know.”

Diane Arbus


Photographer: Justin Wu



 “Pushing yourself harder is about overcoming your 

limitations. But it’s also about being free...”



Photographer: Jasmine Boler


Inspired by authors Aldus Huxley’s “Brave New Word”,
Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”, the surrealistic work of Jean Cocteau, contemporary music of Rosin Murphy and personal fragments, the designer’s vision was to capture the essence of a woman living in a parallel universe - torn between two worlds and influenced by their complex relationship with each other. The story is following the rules of reality and the present life expressed by the more structured pieces; fitted dresses, which zip up all the way at the back, with playful draped suggestions of the unknown, craving to escape this reality mode. Fitted jacket with strong lines hugging the silhuette. Leather harness panels incorporated in. contrasting the matt fabrics, strong lines and layers on shine surfaces.

The volumous coats, cut mostly in one piece, worn over the “the beautiful uniforms of reality” are taking over this heroine. these are finished with shawl pieces which have become part of the garments and create the illusion of lost shapes.

The choice of colour plays important role for this collection; Deep and rich tones of blue, green, purple and burgundy “overpower” this woman who keeps slipping into the surrealistic environment of her dreams and her own personality. 


The slightly dark and twisted character was captured in strong imagery in Paris outdoor locations. Almost acting like a short film and showing references to David linch’s work with a hint of Alfred Hitchcock it manages to portray the innocent beauty of a woman, who keeps getting caught up in a dangerous world of unpredictable situations.